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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  April 3, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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minutes. the cbs evening news is coming up next >> the latest news and weather is always on >> pelley: tonight, tornadoes hit dallas fort worth. homes are ripped apart, trucks fly through the air and jetliners are stuck on the ground. the first photo of the alleged gunman in the oakland massacre. how did some students escape? john blackstone is with the survivors. republican primary night in wisconsin, maryland, and the district of columbia. reports from chip reid and dean reynolds. and how to turn around a failing school? give the students unfailing attention. byron pitts with the best teacher in florida. >> reporter: what percentage of your band students who graduate high school go on to college or go on to a program after high school. >> 100%. captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, it has been an ominous and frightening afternoon in dallas fort worth. at least two tornadoes the weather service described as very large and dangerous skipped across the metropolitan area of six million people. while damage is widespread, areas of severe damage appear to be limited. there are no immediate reports of fatalities but assessments are still coming in. we feared the worst when we saw pictures of semi trailers flying through the air but the twisters were selective. just a few neighborhoods are heavily damaged. a lot of what we've seen is broken glass and broken roof tops. we just talked to the mayor of arlington who told us that he knows of only a few injuries in his city. the mayor of lancaster reports a few injuries as well. d.f.w. airport did shut down. hundreds of flights have been
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canceled. jason allen of our cbs station ktvt has more from the scene. jason? >> reporter: i am standing on a concrete slab that used to be the wall of this door business in kennedale. the three people who were inside when the tornado came through took refuge in a bathroom. the only part of the building that did not fall. it is just some of the damage spread today across north texas. the storm line rolled in early this afternoon and covered the entire dallas fort worth area. a tornado emergency was declared by the national weather service. >> that storm will be moving in your general direction so take shelter now. >> reporter: highway drivers watched as one of the twisters formed and reformed in front of their eyes. chunks of metal and wood were suspended in the air as the storms closed in. >> i had three infants with me, three kids with me, i put them in the bathtub, laid on top of
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them, put a cover across them and we just prayed. >> reporter: stately homes in the dallas suburb of lancaster suffered significant damage. neighbors hugged each other in relief while others pointed out damage and lost landmarks. much of this footage of the on coming twister was shot on a camera phone. dawn henderson and her fiancee road out the storm in the bathroom of their business. >> i was praying mighty hard for what seemed like a really long time in that bathroom. if this concrete wall had gone the other direction it would have crushed us because that's where we were, right there where that concrete wall fell. >> reporter: tractor-trailers weighing thousands of pounds were peeled open and thrown across this truck yard. one landed on top of what appears to be a car. others were thrown into trees bordering the lot. >> my first tornado. >> reporter: schools across the area were locked down and students sheltered in place. in arlington, the texas rangers ran for cover in the middle of a spring training workout. it's estimated 10,000 travelers
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will be stranded at the dallas fort worth airport tonight. all of this happened just in the last few hours. the damage is still being counted up. for example, scott, we just learned 110 planes were damaged at d.f.w. airport. >> pelley: a tough afternoon. jason, thanks. david bernard is our cbs news weather consultant. he's been tracking these storms today. david, what were the weather conditions that started all of this? >> reporter: scott, this was a typical springtime setup across north texas. we had very deep gulf moisture coming up from the south and a powerful area of low pressure coming out of the rockies that's actually producing snow there and the collision of those two air masses, a classic spring setup, that's produced severe weather and the ingredients for the tornadoes we've seen across the dallas area. >> pelley: when we look at the video coming into the newsroom from d.f.w., one of the things that's apparent is the damage is
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pretty sporadic, it seems to be a little here and a little there. how does that happen? >> reporter: these tornadic storms are very tight circulations and they can also fall apart very quickly and often times with a tornado it doesn't stay on the ground consistently the whole time. that circulation with the tornado can weaken causing the tornado to lift and descend again as it strengthens in other areas that can lead to the damage where one house gets destroyed but maybe across the street we see hardly any damage at all. >> pelley: maybe a little bit of luck. david bernard, thanks very much. the other big story we've been following is that college shooting massacre in oakland, california. a former student is accused of killing seven people and wounding three others yesterday. john blackstone spoke with one of the survivors today. >> reporter: with an underwater robot and help from divers oakland police searched for a gun used to kill seven people. at the small campus of oikos university, investigators continued working the crime scene in rooms riddled with bullet holes. police radio calls show the suspected gunman was quickly identified. >> the shooter is going to be a
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male korean, about 40 years old, heavy build. >> reporter: the suspect is 43- year-old one goh, an american citizen born in korea. he was expelled from the university in january for behavioral problems police say he told them other students made fun of him because of his poor english. last year he lost two family members-- his mother and brother. investigators say he's being cooperative but has not shown remorse. this oakland police spokesman says there's evidence the shooting was planned in advance. >> when the gunman entered the school he took a hostage he was looking for a specific administrator who was not there when he entered the classroom he directed the students to line up against the wall. before they had a chance to do that he started shooting the students. >> reporter: in another classroom, dechen yangzom hid with other nursing students. >> it's pretty much what i hear in the movie, you know? the bang, bang.
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>> reporter: that's frightening to hear right outside the door. >> so frightening. >> reporter: she locked the door and turned out the lights before the gunman reached their classroom. did the bullets come through the door? >> yeah, it did. three times. i can say three times it came in our class. >> reporter: three bullets came through the door? >> because the glass were all scattered in the class. >> but you saved everyone. >> just small things like locking, just lock the door saved all of us, i think he might kill all of us. >> reporter: dechen yangzom is being called a hero but she says she may find it difficult to return this building. the small campus of oikos university. scott, the accused shooter is scheduled to be arraigned in oakland tomorrow. >> pelley: thank you john. mitt has won. and with that win, he is now more than halfway to the magic
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number of 1144 delegates needed to clinch the nomination. no projection yet from the district of columbia primary. the polls close at the top of the hour in wisconsin. cbs news talked to voters in wisconsin as they left the polls today, and the overwhelming majority, 83%, told us they believe romney will get the g.o.p. nomination. we have two reports tonight. first chip reid with the romney campaign. chip? >> reporter: good evening, scott. mitt romney is leading in the latest polls in wisconsin. (inaudible) >> if we have a good turnout i'll become the person who receives the wisconsin delegates that i need to go on to become the nominee and finally take back the white house. >> pelley: we've had a little bit of trouble with that report from chip reid. rick santorum is in his home state of pennsylvania tonight. the primary there is in three weeks. dean reynolds has been covering that campaign. dean? >> reporter: scott, rick
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santorum never expected to do very well in maryland. instead he placed most of his bets on wisconsin where he was hoping to avoid the problems that have plagued him in other states. problems that we just spoke to him about on the campaign trail. senator, in all these mid western industrial states, you start out ahead in the polls and then you lose right at the finish line. how do you break that pattern? why does that pattern exist? >> i don't know, maybe $5 to $10 million running down negative ads driving down turnout might have something to do with. >> reporter: but that won't change. how do you break that pattern? >> we're working at it. i mean, look no one said this would be easy when you're going up against the money and the machine. the way governor romney has been able to win states is to drive down turnout by turning off voters and alienating people and getting historically low turnouts and winning in that fashion by running the overwhelmingly negative campaign. >> reporter: for santorum it's
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on to pennsylvania where the april 24 primary will be held and where polls show that santorum is holding a six-point lead over mitt romney. scott, the same polling organization found santorum with a 14-point lead in mid-march. so his lead appears to be shrinking rapidly once again. dean, with mitt romney now clearing halfway to the 1144 delegates necessary, can rick santorum catch up at this point? can he really do damage to the romney campaign? >> well, those are two separate questions. i don't think he can catch up. they pretty much concede that he can't catch up. but he can still do serious damage to romney campaign. in fact they're talking more and more about an open convention where nobody has enough delegates to get nominated on the first ballot. >> pelley: we will see. dean, thank you very much. president obama weighed in today saying that the republican party has swung so far to the right that ronald reagan could not win a g.o.p. primary this year.
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he made that claim during a speech in washington. chief white house correspondent norah o'donnell was there. >> reporter: president obama for the first time today directly attacked his likely opponent mitt romney. it was part of a stinging rebuke of the republican budget plan that the president called "social darwinism" that he said would only deepen income inequality in this country. >> i believe this is a make-or- break moment for the middle- class and i can't remember a time when the choice between competing visions of our future has been so unambiguously clear. >> reporter: the president signaled today he is ready for a fight, blasting mitt romney for embracing a controversial budget blueprint for the country that was designed by republicans in congress. >> he said he's very supportive of this new budget. and he even called it "marvelous." which is a word you don't often hear when it comes to describing a budget. >> reporter: the republican plan was authored by wisconsin
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congressman paul ryan, a romney supporter. it would repeal president obama's health care law, cut the top tax rate from 35% to 25% and cut spending by $5.3 trillion, including $810 billion from medicaid and $205 billion from medicare. president obama's own plan calls for increasing taxes on the wealthiest americans. and he says the g.o.p. plan would give millionaires a $150,000 tax cut. >> it is a trojan horse disguised as deficit reduction plans, it is really an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country. it is thinly veiled social darwinism. it is antithetical to our entire history as a land of opportunity and upward mobility for everybody who's willing to work for it. >> reporter: chip reid talked to congressman ryan in his home state today and ryan said mr. obama's attacks are an attempt
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to deflect from a failure to address the skyrocketing national debt. >> if we prevent a debt crisis from happening in this country-- which is what our plan does-- then we can protect the people who need government the most. that's people who have already retired, people on the bottom rung of the economic ladder who need these safety nets. >> reporter: republicans also note that democrats in congress have failed to produce a budget for the past three years. scott, that means congress has been funding our country on an add hock basis and that is something that both sides agree is no way to govern. >> pelley: norah, a thank you very much. there's another campaign in wisconsin. this one asks-- will the governor be recalled? former vice president dick cheney with a new heart goes home from the hospital. and a wildcats victory leads to
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supporters out to defeat the plans of governor scott walker. >> union busting! >> reporter: walker's proposals passed the legislature. public employee unions lost the right to negotiate contracts and employees were required to kick in more of their own money for health and pension benefits. the unions think you're a union buster. are you a union buster? >> no. i know that collective bargaining is not a right. it's an expensive entitlement and it's about time somebody stood up for the hardworking taxpayers of our state. >> reporter: when it's talked about as perhaps the most important non-presidential election of this decade, they're talking about the philosophical underpinnings to this notion of how much public employees are going to have to contribute. >> the larger philosophical issue is who controls things in government? do the taxpayers or do the public employee union bosses? because in the past the cycle has been that taxpayers' money goes to pay for legitimate wages and benefits but on top of that
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union dues, those dues go in part for political activities then support candidates who ultimately say we'll spend more money on more benefits and more employees and stick it to the taxpayers. there's nobody in that cycle who stands up for the taxpayers. >> reporter: the unions say membership has safeguarded the rights and benefits of workers. >> scott walker's got to go! >> reporter: once the law passed... >> recall walker! >> reporter: ...nearly a million petitions were signed to force the governor to stand for reelection after only a year and a half in office. campaign money is poring into wisconsin from both sides. all told, almost $38 million was spent on the 2010 race. walker predicts the recall election is likely to cost $70 million. >> this is going to be not only an all time record for wisconsin, probably one of the most costly gubernatorial elections in the country. >> reporter: and the second one of your first term. >> exactly. i hope i can be the only governor in american history to
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say i was elected twice in the same term. what do you want to do in the whture? >> reporter: a recent poll shows walker leading all three of his most likely democratic challengers. the voters will have the final word in june. jim axelrod, cbs news, milwaukee. >> pelley: we checked today and it turns out in u.s. history only two governors have ever been recalled-- north dakota's lynn frazier in 1921 and california's gray davis in 2003 when voters kicked him out and elected arnold schwarzenegger. rising gas prices send americans on a shopping spree. that story is next. i used to love hearing that phrase... but not since i learned i have... postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture. i want to keep acting but a broken bone could change that. so my doctor and i chose prolia® to reduce my risk of fractures. prolia® is proven to help make bones stronger. proven to help increase bone density. i take prolia®. it's different. it's two shots a year.
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>> pelley: another sign today of >> pelley: another sign today of an economic recovery. america's car makers are coming off their best month in nearly four years. ford sales in march were up 5%. g.m. up 12% and chrysler sales rose 34% with rising gas prices g.m. says sales of small cars were up 62%. former vice president dick cheney got out of the hospital today with a new heart. this is cheney back in his home in virginia with his wife lynn. he had a transplant ten days ago. the cheneys thanked the anonymous donor for what they called "this remarkable gift." the university of kentucky men's basketball team got a heroes welcome home today. the wildcats won their eighth n.c.a.a. title last night beating the kansas jayhawks 67- 59. celebrations around kentucky's campus got a little out of hand and some people were arrested.
5:53 pm
a failing school makes a dramatic turnaround by following the leader of the band. his story is next.
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>> pelley: finally tonight, ten years ago miramar high was one of the worst schools in florida. now it's among the best, helping to lead that turnaround is alvin
5:56 pm
davis, the band director who was a finalist for national teacher of the year. we asked byron pitts to introduce us. >> reporter: at miramar high school in south florida alvin davis is more than a music teacher and band director, he's old school no nonsense and an inspiration. >> a little bit more! i see every report card, every interim and if the grades aren't up to par they're going to take a break from being in my program. >> reporter: davis' program was key to miramar high school's turnaround. the band grew from 40 students to 150, became the pride of the school. 90% of miramar students graduate, but nobody beats the band. what percentage of your band students who graduate high school go on to college or go on to a program after high school? >> 100%. >> reporter: last year? >> last year. year before that. year before that. year before that.
5:57 pm
four years now. >> reporter: how would your kids describe you? >> oh, man, i'm rough. >> his number-one priority and goal is to get all of us to college. >> reporter: sandra romero, ashley harris, and tianna jackson are all members of the band. all of you going to college? >> yes. >> no doubt. >> no doubt. ( laughter ) >> reporter: alvin davis doesn't just get his kids to college, he keeps them there. andrew wan is one of davis' former students. like davis, wan enrolled in florida a&m university and joined the marching 100. when college got tough wan wanted out. >> he said it so simply "if you quit band now and you come back home, what are you going to do?" >> watch the conductor! >> reporter: guess what andrew wan does today? after graduating from a&m, he is standing in as band director at miramar high while alvin davis is on leave and tours schools
5:58 pm
across florida as the state's teacher of the year. >> when i look in the mirror i say "there's the american dream." raised on drugs and gang- infested streets on the south side of chicago and i'm one of four finalists for national teacher of the year. >> reporter: what touches your heart more? to know you've been recognized by the state and nation as an educator or that some of your kids call you daddy davis. da kids call me daddy davis and i can tell you what touches my heart even more, when i get a kid that comes up four years after high school graduation, "mr. davis, here's my college diploma." ( laughs ) sorry.
5:59 pm
>> good evening. >> we begin tonight with live team coverage of the latest developments in the mass shooting at oikos university. priestly starts things with a somber moral getting underway to remember the victims. >> of the memorial was supposed to start at 6:00 but it is a little late. this has been a very spiritual memorial. there are multiple churches represented here today. initially they would do it at a smaller korean church but the city of oakland has stepped in and decided that it wanted to help out and they decided to move it to this venue, this temple because it holds up to 2000 people. they have invited not only the mayor of oakland and the chief of police but also families of the victim


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